While creating the Veggie Compass spreadsheet we created a few forms to help growers collect some important information throughout the growing season. Below you can download several PDFs for tracking labor and sales in addition to the Veggie Compass spreadsheet.
Labor Data Forms

To ease the burden of collecting labor hours associated with growing, harvest & packaging each crop, we developed two types of labor data sheets. The Long Form, which is designed to capture assorted activities over a complete day, and a pocket sized Short Form which records individual activities. Each form is filled out slightly differently, and growers can pick which type of form works best on their farm. Both forms are designed to allow growers to quickly record the time spent on each crop by predefined tasks.

To download the labor forms and instructions click a link below:

Short Form

Sales Forms

Growers can use the following sales forms to help track their vegetable sales through CSA, farmers market, wholesale, or retail on a weekly basis throughout the growing season. Then when it comes time to fill in the Veggie Compass spreadsheet gathering sales information is easy and organized.

Farmers Market Sales Chart

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