New, 2021 version of Livestock Compass is now available

March 18, 2021 John Uncategorized

An updated version of Livestock Compass is now available. It has corrections to the Lamb Enterprise page which was not correctly   counting numbers of animals in various categories (ewes, rams, etc.) as well as a few other corrections.


Fruit and Nut Compass Coming Soon!

February 17, 2021 John NewsUncategorized

The long awaited and much anticipated Fruit and Nut Compass will be available soon. We do not have an exact release date at the current time but it should be available sometime in March, 2021. This new Compass tool will be the most sophisticated yet. As a result, its development has been a challenge, to […]


Livestock Compass is now available!

November 7, 2018 John NewsUncategorized

We are pleased to announce the availability of a Compass Tool for those who raise livestock. Like Veggie Compass, Livestock Compass is targeted to diversified producers who raise multiple species and sell products in multiple market channels…AND who want to figure out which of their enterprises are profitable and whether they need to tweak expenses […]


2016 Updates to Veggie Compass

April 14, 2016 John NewsUncategorized

The 2016 version of Veggie Compass is now available. The most significant change is that Veggie Compass now calculates gross and net income per square foot (or acre) for all crops/products in addition to giving you an average across all crops.¬† It also calculates your total gross and net income per acre. Veggie Compass 2016 […]


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