2016 Updates to Veggie Compass

April 14, 2016 John NewsUncategorized

The 2016 version of Veggie Compass is now available. The most significant change is that Veggie Compass now calculates gross and net income per square foot (or acre) for all crops/products in addition to giving you an average across all crops.  It also calculates your total gross and net income per acre. Veggie Compass 2016 can be downloaded here or under the “tools” tab on the website. The User manual has been updated and is available as a pdf file as well as being contained within the spreadsheet for easy reference.

A great way to learn about Veggie Compass is to watch the tutorial videos created by our partners, the Southern Sustainable Agricultural Working Group.

To help those who do not have detailed labor data by crop, we have created a Crop Labor Estimation Workbook. It is available under the “tools” tab. We do recommend that people only use estimations to get started and commit to tracking labor on their farm for the most accurate and useful results. Google Doc Forms are a great way to collect labor data. For more information, watch this YouTube video tutorial.

If you have suggestions for changes and improvements, please let us know. Submit questions or comments to John Hendrickson at jhendric@wisc.edu

Veggie Compass…pointing the way to profitability!

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