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The overarching goal of the Veggie Compass initiative is to provide the diversified fresh market vegetable community with the tools and know-how to optimally manage their farm operations as a basis for improving profitability within their markets. To achieve this long term goal and to address these critical needs, we have developed the following objectives:

  • Develop and provide a user friendly farm financial spreadsheet for growers to determine their crop costs, market specific costs, and profitability in order to facilitate improved whole farm profit management.
  • Collect and analyze data on crop specific labor requirements and yields for growers to use as initial baseline values in the Veggie Compass: Whole Farm Profit Management tool.
  • Collect and document whole farm planning attitudes and practices of Midwestern organic fresh market vegetable growers to improve outreach and to measure changes after our project.
  • Conduct education and training sessions on whole farm profit management for Extension agents, other
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    agricultural professionals and organic fresh market vegetable farmers.

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