OGRAIN Compass

The OGRAIN Compass Spreadsheet

OGRAIN Compass is a new and unique tool in the Compass library. In contrast to Veggie Compass and Livestock Compass, which are “backward-looking” tools to evaluate financial outcomes from the previous season, OGRAIN Compass is a forward-looking tool to help grain producers examine the financial outcome of converting to certified organic production.

OGRAIN Compass is a collaboration with the University of Wisconsin’s OGRAIN project. OGRAIN is the Organic Grain Research and Information Network coordinated be Dr. Erin Silva in the Department of Plant Pathology.

The OGRAIN Compass can also be used by existing organic grain producers to evaluate shifts in crop rotations and market prices over a 10 year period.

We welcome feedback on this tool so that we can ensure it meets the needs of those who raise organic grain. If you find errors or feel the tool can be improved, please let us know! There is a very short survey to take before downloading that asks if you are farmer or farm manager or farm service provider, how many years you have been farming (if applicable), and where you are located (state only, not address). No personal data is being collected.

The link below will first take you to the OGRAIN website.

OGRAIN Compass 2019


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