Livestock Compass

The Livestock Compass Spreadsheet

A new version of Livestock Compass is now available! The latest version was posted on March 17, 2021 and is labeled “v.2021.1”  It replaces “v-2020-2”.  Link is below!

We had many requests from Veggie Compass users who also raise livestock for a similar tool to help them measure the profitability of their meat and egg enterprises. Like Veggie Compass, this tool will be most beneficial for farmers who raise multiple species and who sell their products in multiple market channels…and who are trying to parse out which products and which markets are most profitable. Any livestock producer will find the tool useful, however. Dairy farmers will need to wait for our forthcoming Pasture-Based Dairy Compass tool.

As with Veggie Compass, we offer this first version of Livestock Compass with a request that people give us feedback as we are sure their will need to be revisions and edits to ensure that it meets the needs of those who raise livestock. If you find errors or feel the tool can be improved, please let us know! There is a very short survey to take before downloading that asks if you are farmer or farm manager or farm service provider, how many years you have been farming (if applicable), and where you are located (state only, not address).

Livestock Compass v.2021.1


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