Fruit and Nut Compass Coming Soon!

February 17, 2021 John NewsUncategorized

The long awaited and much anticipated Fruit and Nut Compass will be available soon. We do not have an exact release date at the current time but it should be available sometime in March, 2021. This new Compass tool will be the most sophisticated yet. As a result, its development has been a challenge, to say the least.

This tool marks a departure of sorts from the Veggie and Livestock Compass tools. Those tools were built as “backward-looking” analytical tools. They provide a structure to enter data from a previous year and help a producer identify those products and markets that are profitable…and which are not. Veggie and Livestock Compass can then be used to identify solutions to make products or markets more profitable by cutting costs, raising prices, increasing yields, etc.

The Fruit and Nut Compass is designed as a forward-looking planning tool. Given that perennial fruit and nut crops typically involve serious investment and then a delay until the trees or bushes are at full yield potential, we wanted to create a tool to help people plan perennial crop enterprises and evaluate the investment and eventual returns on investment over a 15 year planning horizon. That being said, it will be possible to use the Fruit and Nut Compass to enter “actual” data rather than “projected” data.

The Fruit and Nut Compass will also allow users to play with the final projected financial outcomes by using “sliders” on a dashboard to change the amount of land devoted to each crop, the base yield figure for each crop, and their selling price for each crop.

We are excited that this tool is getting close to being released. When available, it will be available here, on its own page (coming soon).

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